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"she kissed him" and he kissed her back because "it was polite to do so"

It was a freshman in high school, and I had just lost a lot of weight from being fat since I was in 3rd grade. I hadnt had a boyfriend, and most of the kids used to make fun of me, but then I moved and lost the label as well. One of the guys to start to hit of me was a kid in my class, I started to feel good about myself, and not too long after, we started going out. He would write me letters and tell me how pretty I was and all that c***. I would have to defend against all my other guys friends as to why I would go out with him, that he was a loser, and stuff like that. I did it for 7 and a half months. Then, I went one weekend to a swim meet and when I got back, I would talk with him on the phone. Well, he told me how he had met this girl while working at this place, and they had taken a walk by the lake, and talked for a few hours and then when they went back to where he was supposed to be, "she kissed him" and he kissed her back because "it was polite to do so" well, when I heard it, I didnt know what to do. I found at that he was also wearing I s*** I got him for his birthday that day. When I saw him at school, I couldnt take it, I could be near him, or kiss him, or let him hold me. So, I decided I should just break it off because I couldnt trust him, and a relationship without trust is no relationship at all. Well, he started making up different excuses as to why he did what he did. At first he said it was a kiss on the cheek. then he said that he didnt know why he did it. Then he said that he kissed her cause she was a friend (but he wouldnt even hug a friend he has known for 3 years??? this girl he knew for 3 hours) then he said that his dad, who had died 2 years back had said to him before he died that "if a girl kisses you, its polite to kiss her back" (how convient) Now, he still emails me occassionally, telling me how much he misses me and then, oh yea, and this girl, your friend, you remember her, how can I get her to like me? she says she is p***ed at me, but I really wanna be with her. (yea, you miss me!) anyway, so then I told him I had a new boyfriend (who is wonderful) and he hasnt emailed me since. I even lost a lot of friends from breaking up with him because they believe him and not me, they didnt even bother to ask my side of the story...


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