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But, yeah just don't get yourself into this stupid mess. It's awful!

It started around October. I meant this guy through a friend, and though he did live about 2 hours away, he called me from his cell phone every night and we would talk for hours. On November 24 2004, we became 'offical.' The first few months were great! He was nice and would do anything for me. He loved me and I loved him. For my birthday, which is in March, he bought me a brand new Red Washburn Acoustic guitar. I couldn't believe that someone would actually spend that much on me.
But, then it started to go downhill. He would always call me drunk. We started arguing all the time. And he started getting obsessing. The only reason that we argued though, was because of his obsessivness.
So I broke up with him in April.
Now, he still won't leave me alone. The phone rings once. I wont answer it. Then it will ring an addtional 10 times (I'm not kidding) Until I pick up the phone. He'll call my friends cellphones to see where I am. He's just crazy. I was thinking about getting a restraining order, or changing my phone number, but I don't want to make this such a big deal.
But, yeah just don't get yourself into this stupid mess. It's awful!


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