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"you never know how much you loved someone until you lost them."

Me and my boyfriend started going out on November 15, 2004. He started talking to me because we have a class together and I guess he liked me, so when he asked me to go with him I told him yes. The football boys and band were going to a play off game in Springdale, Arkansas. and I also seen and talked to him in Fayetville, Ar. I seen him and talked to him in Fayetville for a while before we had to get back on the buses. Unforunately we lost, on the way back home I started thinking about him a lot and almost started crying, and that's how I knew I loved him alot and we only been going out for 4 days. The day on Super Bowl that the day that he told me that he loved me but I didnt believe him. Things were going fine until February 10, 2005, we were talking on the phone and all of a sudden he started talking about how he cant be faithful to his girlfriends, and all of a sudden he told me that he had been talking to two other girls that were freshmans. I knew he was talking to one girl because his cousin told me, but I didnt ask him. He said he only did it because people been telling him that I was talking to someone else which was not true. So that night he broke up with me, and he told me that he still loved me and that he would ask me to get back with me but no time soon. When we got off the phone I justed started crying because I loved him so much. The next day was friday so when I got to school and friend walked up to me and saw me crying and he asked me whats wrong and I didnt say nothing. So when he saw my boyfriend he asked him what was wrong with me, and he knew why I was crying. When he told me that I lost all my love for him, because I gave him my heart. So we had to pass out Carnations for Valentine's Day, and he has basketball in the gym 1st period. I pased out carnations in the gym just so he could see me, and see how I looked and felt about what he did. So we got in 3rd period and all of a sudden he wanted to talk to me but when I talked to him I had an attitude towards him because of what he had done to me. He was all on me, when I sat on the table we asked me if could sit beside me and I sid I guess. Later that night there was a basketball game my school and I went, and I was just playing aroung with my friend and asked him to call my boyfriend on my cell phone so he did but no one answered. Then 5 minutes later my phone was ringing and it was him, but the connection got lost in the gym. I was on my way home when my phone started ringing and it was him and he asked who this was I told him my name, and he said what's up. I asked him if I wanted to talk to me and he said yes. So I told him to call me back in 2 minutes on my house phone, he did. When we got on the phone he asked why I keep crying, I said because I loved you. And he said when he seen me first period he was gonna ask me to go back with him but he couldnt because they were running drills. Then all of a sudden it got quiet and I asked him why was he quiet and he said he was thinking i asked about what and he said you. Then he said I miss you and I wanna see you. I think that night he asked me go get back with him and I said yes. So after that day everything been going fine but I didnt love him and dont trust him. The saturday before spring break I snuck out the house and he came and picked me up and we went back to his house. We were there for a couple of hours and he dicided to take me back home. On the way back home the cops pull us over because he doesnt have the lights on, and neither of us have liscense. So he gets grounded and cant talk on the phone. But when he told me that he wasnt grounded anymore when I cal him his mother tells me that he cant talk, so I think he still grounded. So now things starts happening he stops calling me, and everytime I call him his mother tells me that he busy, sleep, not there, or he cant talk. So I stared thinking is he telling his mother to tell me these thing because he doesnt want to talk to me. Now were at school and at lunch and my friend tells me that she seen him with his arm around a girl that I don't like and smiling at my friend about it. So when I got home I called him about 4 times and all I heard was that he's busy, sleep, and cant talk. So i I left that situation alone. So now today is May 19, 2005, after first period I seen him hugging another girl that I dont like and there both smiling, and I guess he didnt see me, and I know he did. So I texted my friend asking him does the girl have a boyfriend and he says no. So on the way to 3rd period I walked right behind the girl to see if she talks to him. She walks right up to him and he puts his arm around her and they walk away. So I started walking behind them, and the girl starts arguing with some other girl and he pulls her in the door. So were walking down the hall way and he pulls the girl towards the lockers and pulls her face towards his face, and I know he sees me watching them. So we got in class and I asked him was he cheating on me with ..., and he just looked at me and looked down at the floor. So I sat down beside him and asks him again and I say must be true. Then I ask him does he want to be me?, he says noting again. Then he tells me that I'm asking him all these questions at he wrong time. And then I ask him does he want to talk to me and he says no, and I ask him is he mad at me, and he tells me yes and I say why and says because I act stupid. Then he turned around away from me, and I tell him that I have to tell him something else so he turnd around and I tell him that I took a pregnacy test. He got up and walked away and walked out the classroom. I went back to my seat and he comes back in and talks to somebody else that I dont like, he talks to him for a while, and comes to his on my side of the classroom. Minutes later I saw him looking at me but I just looked straight, and then 5 minutes later I seen him looking at me again and I looked at him and he's shaking his head and smiling at me. I ask him why he's shaking his head, and he tells me you act like you cant be without me. And I say how do I act like I cant be without you? Then he tells me to come here and he talks about his physical that they had to take, but he didnt say anything about what I had asked him earlier in the class. He ask me why did I take a pregnacy test and I said because you kept asking me if I was pregnant, and I told him that I wasnt. And then I asked him do you not want to be with me anymore and he hust looks at me then looks at the floor. And then he tells me that all my friends want to do it to him, and I told him a name and he says, I want to do it to her, I dont know if I want to do it to her, I looked at him mad. So I kept asking him do he not want to be with me anymore and he says that he doesnt have the same feelings towards me as he used to. I asked him how long he had this feeling and he said a couple of weeks, and I asked him why didnt you tell me then and he said that he thought that he could get over it but he cant. And he said its not because of another girl, which is a lie, if it wasnt then he wouldnt be hugged up with her. He lying to me because he's always looking at me and smiling at me in class. I think he breaking up with me because school is ending and he doesnt want to worry about me. Well, he did this in a rude rude way by not talking to me and stop calling me. I'm kind of happy this happened because everyday I heard something about him and some girl and I would get mad. BUt since were broken up I dont have to worry about him anymore and be mad anymore. I think sometime in the summer when he sees me or when school starts again he'll probably try to talk to me again. And I will have gotten over him by then, I hope so. He doesnt know how bad he hurt me, and he doesnt know how much I loved him and cared about him. But oh well, he'll get what he deserves by treating me like this. All I have to say is that "you never know how much you loved someone until you lost them."


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