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A beautiful girl began talking to me one day

A beautiful girl began talking to me one day, I knew her and she knew me. we had been acquaint many times before. She began to call me and we would talk for hours. She would tell me about how she wanted a boyfriend and how I needed a girlfriend. She invited me over her house on a party one nite, and she was there waiting for me with a huge smile and a bow around her. It was one of the most magical nights of my life. We began seeing each other and fell very much in love. We had our arguments and break-ups but things always seemed to repair themselves. However, some of her friends came home from university and gave her the ultimatum :me or them. She chose them. We have been off and on ever since..friends one day, enemies the next, then she kissed me and told me she loved me. But shortly after, she hated me again, and she says she still does. She keeps saying she has a new itnerest but I believe she's trying to make things harder for me. I want her back more than anything and I believe she still loves me somewhere in her heart. She seems really confused with what she wants, but I sure hope I can get her back. I am madly in love and i care about her like no other.


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