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i met my new boyfriend while i was working at a lame super market one day and he was almost perfect

i met my new boyfriend while i was working at a lame super market one day and he was almost perfect. he was sweet in every way until i found out who he really was. It seemed that he was alot older than i was and he had a child! But this was no problem for me because i like kidsI was willing to go the extra mile for him and that proved to be my greatest asset. Soon after the relationship began to grow more deeper i found out his ex..or as we usually term it"the Baby MAMA".I never saw her as any thereat but she obviously saw me as a threat. She turned out to be a pschycotic woman. It seems that after he left her she never got over him and now she wants revenge on him and me. She stole his car, had him arrested,took his son away from him, she conjstantly calss him begging for him back and saying how much she loves him and she still wants to be with him. Whenever she calls and needs something he gives it to her just because she is the baby mama, she constantly uses his car for garbage and he constatntly talks to her on the phone in front of me... Nest is when she somehow got my phone number and starts calling me as if to try threaten me. I know i love this guy...and I know he loves me..but there is only so much i can take from an ex...out of date girl friend...by her torturing him she's making it harder for me to get anything done or even get a relationship steady.


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