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Then one day I met the man of my dreams (later to become my nightmares)

I was a happy single girl I had a great job I lived with my best mate in a fantastic house, Then one day I met the man of my dreams (later to become my nightmares) I was with him for about six months when we moved in together. He was a brilliant manipulator and without even knowing it I saw less and less of my friends, Months past and I was still blissfully in love with my man. One morning we woke up, made love as we often did, then went to work. He and I are both stockbrokers ( although I am junior to him) who worked for compeditive firms so we tried not to talk during the day, besides he convinced me it would make me look less professional. Anyway that night I went home and he was just sitting on our couch, still fully dressed (complete with his shoes) I asked him what was wrong and he told me I had to move. He needed space he didnt love me anymore and needed me to go.
Totally destroyed I left and went home to my mothers house. He refused to speak to me for days (I found out later from him he was sleeping with someone else from his work) I wont bore you with the details but long story short, I found out I was pregnant with his child I told him I didnt want anything from him he just had a right to know. He demanded I have an abortion which I could not do. Next thing you know I am getting abusive phone calls at my parents house from his new girlfriend (who by the way was now living with him in MY house) my parents were fantastic and tried to support me the best they could. I lost my job not long after my boss found out about my baby. As I had not been there for a year they said they could fire me, I was too tired to fight that battle to so I just left. I later found out the new girlfriend told my boss about the pregancy.
As I had not seen my friends for about a year I was not sure if they would ever speak to me again, lucky for me they did and they tried their best to support me..they knew all along he was a slime. Anyway one day I was at the shops and I saw them kissing in his car he was laughing and carrying on (had not seen me) and my heart just broke. Here I was huge with his child, broke and alone. There they were happy and inlove still living together it was just too much. Next thing I know I was in a hospital bed where I was informed I had lost my beautiful baby boy. My doc told me he thought it may have been caused by stress. (duh) anyway long story shorter I rang the x to tell him that he was not going to be a father, he came to see me and was crying at saying how sorry he was. For the next week or so he was at my side. Then went back to his girlfriend (who is still making my life hell)It was then I realised I had nothing, No career, no man, and worst no baby. I tried to kill myself (very stupid me) and ended up in hospital for longer. When they found out he told every one that it was because I could not handle him and her being together, She told everyone I was on drugs and that was that. More recently he decided he wanted to clear the air with me and try to be friends..idiot me still loves him so I said yes
We have slept together a few times since we lost the baby and it is hard for me to say no. I recently got a new job again as a stockbroker and although I should hate him I cant. He still uses me and tells me he loves me then goes back to her. I am moving cities soon so he cant find me. I know its desperate but I need to get as far away from him as I can or I will never move on....and the new company will let me transfer!


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