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then I sent him an e-card with a picture of me on vacation with his cousin and the check in my hand

I was in a relationship with a guy for 2 years, he was great! he always told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to get engaged and all that good stuff that guys say... i was with him throu think and thin. his dream was to own his own buisness, but he really couldn't afford it, so i helped him get investors and work it out. i did all the paper work for him because he claimed he didn't know how... we opened a computer repair shop and the deal was that he would fix the computers and i would manage the day by day. he told me that i couldn't have a share of the buisness because i was under age so he would keep me on a salary until i was 18. and i believed him! i had been working my a$$ off for him for 7 monthes then finally it was only one month until my 18th birthday. a week from my b-day i got to work early because he said he wanted to speak to me. when i got there he told me that he was breaking up with me and the ol' "it's not you it's me" line, he also told me that he was firing me because it hurt him to see me as he still loved me. i stormed off crying my eyes out! later i found out that he left me for one of my sisters classmates. everyone knew he was cheating on me exept me! i decided to get even... all this happened in venezuela and here labor laws are verry strict. he owed me a month and a halfs pay and told me he wasn't going to give it to me and tore up my contract and all of the copies so i couldn't sue him for the money. i started investigating and found out that all i needed to build a case were two witnesses. so i rounded them up and went to the labor board, they made up a case then gave me a notice to give to him and a form to sign. so i put on my best dress and got a verry cute friend of mine that my ex hated to go with me. i showed up at the bar he always goes to and there he was with his new girlfriend. i sat down happy as can be and orderd my drink. i sat and laughed and chatted with my friend and made it look like we were going out. after a while i could feel my ex's eyes burning a hole in the back of my neck so i called the waiter over and gave him the notice and asked him to give it to my ex. i sat back and watched as he opened it. after he read it he came over and started making a scene yelling at me and calling me names. he even cried! on my way in i warned the bouncers that he might make trouble and that i would need there help if he did. so as he's yelling at me i just lifted my hand and the bouncers came running and throu him out on his a$$. i won the case and thanks to a verry expensive lawyer i took him for all he had, including his buisness. which i sold then sent him an e-card with a picture of me on vacation with his cousin and the check in my hand.
that will teach the bastard!!!


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