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he would feel "weird" with me in the bed where she'd slept

My ex told me he'd had a "recent" breakup but never mentioned just how recent. That is until 5 months later on Valentine's Day, when I found out it had been only 1 week before meeting me, and that he was still taking calls from the ex-girlfriend. I tried to break up with him, then, but he begged me not to, assured me that he wasn't still in love with her, that he really cared for me, was emotionally involved with me, and didn't need more time to think things through. Which, like a stupid dope, I believed. Until, a month and a half later, when he broke down and finally admitted that the reason I hadn't been invited to stay at his place was not long distance and an "old-fashioned" sense that the guy should be doing all the legwork, but that he would feel "weird" with me in the bed where she'd slept. I feel like I've been kicked in the face.


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