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So my pretty awesome guy turned into a jerk

I went to this Grad party last year, and as soon as I walked in this guy greeted my son and myself. He was someone I'd met previously a few times but no one that I thought I would actually date. I had just gotten comfortable being a single mom, had gained this great deal of self confidence and felt like I was on the top of the world. That day when we were leaving- this guy picked up my son and walked us out- he asked if i would be back to go out- and yes I was planning on coming back. That night we danced and then we kissed and he was such a great kisser! I went home w/ him but he didnt even attemt to do anything more then cuddle which felt really good. He mentioned he was moving to Orlando at the end of the summer for his job. I never thougth that I would actually fall in love w/ him. We had a wonderful summer- I enjoyed being w/ him cuz he was funny and caring, friendly- one of the greatest guys I know. That last week before he moved things started getting rough- he didnt make time to see - me i was on the back burner- and seeing his friends was a bigger priority but he convinced me that everything was okay. He left and we continued our relationship from 2000 miles away- he was the rock I leaned on when I struggled w/ this- I saw him several times- he came here I went there and I thought it was going to be oaky till after Christmas. Thats when I realized I was putting 110% into this relationship and getting nothing in return. I did everything I could to let him know I cared and that I loved him- sent cards, bought him tons of his favorite candy bars- I sent personal letters.. I tried so hard. I just went there in april- but he worked pretty much the hole time i was there. We didnt get much time together. Then he came back to SD 2 weeks later. He came to see me the day he flew in, but when he returned to SD from his trip to mexico he didnt call, didnt come see me.. He ignored my phone calls. He called me 2 days later when he was back in Florida and pretty much said he couldnt do this any more- he was convinced I would never move to Florida and if I did that there was no guarentee we would work out so it was pretty much it- plus he met someone while in mexico... So my pretty awesome guy turned into a jerk... and now life goes on w/ out him... I would have been a year on mothers day.


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