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this boyfriend I had when I was a freshman in college was a TOTAL slimeball.

Ok, like, this boyfriend I had when I was a freshman in college was a TOTAL slimeball. Like, sooo unbelievable. We had an open relationship, so we could see other people. But I was totally in love with him, so I didn't even hook up with anyone for the months we were going out!! He, on the other hand, slept with tons of sluts. Then, to make me jealous, he'd take pics of him and the girl and EMAIL THEM TO ME!!!!!!!!But I put up with it, because he was so hot and charming and funny right?Then he fell for my bff. We'd be friends since, like, SIXTH GRADE. And she fell for him too, and they started sleeping together and he lied about it to me. When I asked him to make it exclusive, he wouldn't, and then he broke up with me! That summer he sent me pics of them in Hawaii!!!!!!!
The next year he broke up with my former bff and started going with this other chick..that bitch totally deserved it. She stole him from me, and then he dumped her like trash!
He is an evil slimeball, and she is stupid ho.
(and I'm waaaayy better than anyone he'll ever get....five eight, tan, double d's, always ready for sex,and blonde. any guys out there want some?)


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