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I had just wasted almost two years being a back up girl.

My ex and i had been dating for a year and a half. He would take me out to dinner to all these nice places, suprise with the sweetest gifts, and always talked about how wonderful i was and how he loved and our future together. One time he even suprised me at work with a basket full of my favorite lunch and desserts and we went and had lunch at the park. He was everything I wanted. He sometimes would even call my parents just to talk to them and said he did this because he had to get to know his future in laws. he was perfect. All the bad started when i didnt have work, and went to go get him a suprise at Victoria's Secret. To my suprise i saw him there with this other girl, i quickly left not knowing what to do. Later that night i was planing on confronting him about it, so we were at his house and he has one of those computers that makes a little "bling" noise when he recieves a message. Well he went to ue the restroom and i heard the "bling" out of curiosty i went over to check it out. It was a recept type thing of an order he placed for a ring. It included pictures of the rings. I got really excited because they were engagment rings so i went ahead and blew off what happend previously that day. For about a mounth I kept waiting for him to propose, but it wasnt happining. Then suddenly one day he just breaks up with me and said "it just inst working out". Later on i find out he was dating me and one other girl, he wanted to me there in case the other girl turned him down. I had just wasted almost two years being a back up girl.


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