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don't wanna go back to romania to c them

My first boyfriend and my first love hurt me so bad that I didnt date a guy in 2 years.... I meet him when I went back to home to visit family we were crazy about eachother and would c eachother everyday things moved very quickly and before I left on our 3 months aniversity he told me he loved me... I came back to the U.S and we kept a long distance relationship for 5 more months talking to him everyday on the phone we would talk for hrs and hrs just saying over and over how much we loved eachother and how much we missed eachother I was so excited cuz in 2 more months i was gone go back to c him and how he coudln't wait for me to meet his mom he aslo started talking about marriege and how he wanted to get engaged when i went back there I was on cloud 9...

Then one day out of the blue he called me and told me that he got a visa for italy and he was gone live there I was really excited about it because I know that romania is a very poor country and I was happy that he was gone have a good life like me here... that last nite we talked for 6 hrs on the phone and he told me that I was the only love he ever had and he could never love anyone as much as he loved me... he said he would call me as soon as he got to italy.. I wanted 3 weeks for him to call me he never did I called his house to ask how he was his sister picked up and said he was fine not to worry and I asked her to give me his number she said he didn't have one....

then 1 month later I went back home for new years I called my two bestest friends from childhood to pick me up from my aunts house and go out then I asked them if we could walk by my ex old work cuz I just wanted to c it and maybe I could still c his shadow or feel his present..... both of my friends said no no lets go meet other people and get coffeee and stuff but I refused and started walking down the street... when i got close to his work I saw one of his worker there and it looked like him on the back and my eyes tearted cuz I though it was him until he turned and looked at his blue eyes I knew it was him my heart dropped and I felt like my knees couldn't support me anymore I turned around looked at my friends and they both couldnt look me in the eye... I ran the other directions not knowing where i was going just to get away from them...

My friends caught up to me and told me that he told them about me I was soooooooooo hurt I coudln't stop crying but I still wanted to talk to him cuz I missed him soo much

I would call him and he never picked up untill one day on the bus he came behind me and asked me to meet him for a coffee I agreed and we went to coffee

He told me that he had to break up with me because my older cuz beat him up twice and threated to kill him if he didn't break up with me I believed him cuz I loved him soo much he told me he couldn't bare to be away from me and he wanted to c him as much as he could but if anyone found out that he even talked to me my cuz would hurt me

So for my 2 weeks stay in romania I saw him everynite at 12 o clock sneaked out to be with him he told me he had a gf but He didn't lover her and the only reason he was with her was cuz she remined him of me cuz we were so alike

I would tell my two best friends and they were happy for me one of my best friends that I knew sience we were in dippars would even arange out meeting so we wouldn't get caught well time came for me to leave and he told me he will always love me and I should call him....

When I got back to the U.S my cuz called me and told em he knew all along that I saw him he said why.. I told him I knew what he did and i hated him for it.... he then told me that He had nothing to do with it my ex went up to him before breaking up with me and told my cuz I am sorry to date your first cuz I made a mistake I am gone break it off....and that my ex was dating my bestest friend the one that would arrange the meeting for us

I was soo hurt tha I called my ex and he swore and siad it wasnt rite I also called my best friends and she said no she would never eve do that to me

about two weeks later for v-day i called to wish him happy v-day and we talked for an hr he then told me that he loved me soo much and it hurt him to lie to me and he didnt want anyone to take me for a fool and admit it to be going out with my best friends I was soo hurt I hung up called my best friends and told her i hated her and never twanted to talk to her again

I didnt hear from him again I changed my nyumber and my email adress so he would lose contact with me then last year I decided to call him on his bday I talked to him and he asked for my number so I gave it to him...

ever sience that day he will call me once a month or so and still tell me how much he loves me and wants me and if i go back to romania he will leave my friends I refuse to c him if I go back he is still with my friend to this day and when he calls me he tells me to call my friend cuz she crys how she misses me and I have the best friend she ever had and wish she could talk to me

I am over my ex and don't want nothing to do with him when he calls me I am a jerk to him and it hurts me but i LOVE IT.. I am also in a great relationsihp that i been in 1 yr and don't wanna go back to romania to c them


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