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I was a fool to be thinking that he liked me all along

I started playing in a band with several boys, some being relatives and the rest were good friends whom I had built a close sister-brother type relationship with....except one of them who I kinda had the hots for at that time. As time passed, our band was getting lots of gigs, almost every weekend. My feelings for this band member began to develop as I saw him more often. I'm a good reader, meaning that I can read people pretty well. This guy who was attracting me to him, was giving me a mutual vibe, a vibe that was totally obvious. I caught him staring at me many times and his friends even began to notice. One of his closest friends apparently knew about his feelings for me but kept it a secret between them two for the sake of keeping everything comfortable in the band. Well, after playing in the band with each other for a couple of months, my secret admirer got a girlfriend and it was then that I thought I was fool to be thinking that he liked me all along. I gotta admit that I was jealous but I more happy or sad above it all. How foolish was I to be leading myself on. The years went by....1,2,3 and then his life changed. Things with his gf weren't working out and so he left, except she couldn't let go of him. Of course she wouldn't after they were living together in the same house for all those years. That's when he came to me and told me everything about how he felt for me this whole time. He said that everytime he was with her, he thought of me. I was so tickled inside, yet so confused, happy, nervous, all at the same time. After 3 whole years, finally! Finally, the question that lingered in my mind revealed its answer. He liked me as much as I liked him. So I thought. We got together for less than a year. I was on top of the world. I was the happiest girl on Earth. There was no one else that I wanted more than him and I finally got him. Until one day, he told me that he just wanted to be friends because he didn't wanna endanger our friendship. I was saddened but respected his wishes because his wantings were important to me. I found out a week later that he went back to his ex-girl and from then on my friendship with has not been the same. But I've learned to live on with life after all the weeping and questioning of why things like these happen to innocent people like me. I've got a good man now. A real man that knows how to take care of a woman.


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