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he was laughing his butt off with his friends the whole day

alright MY ex boyfriend is a real &%$!*%&!! for a week we went out right, all is good...hes all sweet to me, walking with me in the halls, hugging me in front of everyone...yeah until in my english class he sends me a note stating "im sorry but i dont think we should go out anymore." and of course he used to ever so famous, "its not you its me line" well now hes being a real jerk to me. He told one of my best friends that he only went out with me in the first place because he felt sorry for me...and i told him how angry i was and he said that he was truly very sorry and that he was having a bad day. sure he was, he was laughing his butt off with his friends the whole day. Not to mention in language arts today, him and my friend were talking by the chalkboard. Next thing i know my friend comes over to me and tells me what he said. He had asked her if the only reason she hangs out with me is because she feels sorry for me. WHAT A JERK!! thinking everyone feels sorry for me? And why is that? just because im a bit on the chubby side, everyone who likes me MUST feel sorry for me? Man, I cried over that for an hour and picked up the peices and decided to get revenge. On monday, I'm going to be soooo sweet to him, give him the biggest smile, and wish him a good day. Then at the end of the day, Im going to go up to him and be like this "Have a great night Mike =) oh and by the way...you're a ****ing **hole and don't you ever ****ing talk to me again. Buh-bye =)" jerk will be sorry he ever messed with me.


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