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dont believe a guy in till you know you can trust him

I met this boy through a friend we started hangin out and talking well one night me and my friends decied to go this guys house that we knew.well the boy who i had started talking to was there we were drinking and having a good time.When i got there he was already buzzin so me and him were talking and he said "your my lady now" i was like "what do u mean" am i your lady just tonitet he was like "no your my lady till whenever are relationship is over.my dum self fell for it because of course i likedhim.My best friend and my sister and his two guy friends only knew we kept it a sercret from everyone at school.the only time we hung out was on the weekends.well i started noticing he was acting weird because he would give me a hug in school but as a friend gives another friend a hug. well over spring break we hung out and spent time toghter .when we went back to school my friend who knew i was going out with this boy told me she talked to this girl who lived by me and she said she was going out with the same dude i was going out with.well that day after school i called my boyfriend and asked him if it was true he said yeh.i felt stupid for believeing him when he said "i love you "i want to be with you ,i would never hurt you.For everyone that reads this dont believe a guy in till you know you can trust him .listen to your heart i didnt and look what happened to me .He uses girels to till he gets what he wants from them...i didnt do anythingwithso i am proud of myself.Dont do anythign with a guy intill yous been toghter awhile. you'll know when your ready to have sex with him ...dont rush things ..if he cant wait then find someone who can ..find someone ho wants more then sex...me and my ex are friends but we dont talk as much.he is still using girls right now he goes with someone who is playing him and he is playing her but i told him bout his girl messin around on him he felt salty ..HE GETS WHAT HE DESERVES......


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