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A True Psycho

Where to start???? at 6 weeks into relationship she got pregnant (i was 17 she was 24), which she later tells me was for the money. We split after 5 years. I started seeing my new girlfriend after 6 months, at which point my ex started calling her and threatening to kill my girlfriends child. She then stopped any access to my child unless she was in the room, I wasnt even allowed to ask what he did at daycare!!!

Then after legal battles I have access to my son again but now she is trying to put a domestic violence order on me, claiming i'm stalking her and that I raped and beat her while we were together (which i didn't-i'm not scum, and if i did why spend the next 4 1/2 years with me???). This latest attempt to ruin my life came after i got engaged to my girlfriend.

Now we have just discovered she is stalking my fiance's child while he is at daycare.

I wish she just cheated on me or something, then I wouldn't have to get time off work every couple of months to defend myself in court against her latest psychotic fabrications.........you think you were blessed with a psycho, try this one on for size.


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