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everytime i think back to when that happened. i start crying

my ex and i had been going up for around 1 and a half year now.. everything was going great. our relationship was kept secret.not much people knew. only 2 of my best friends.

so one day. when i was hanging around one of my best friend, i asked her who she has her eyes on(who she likes) and she told my she like my boyfriend( who is now my ex). she didnt know he was my boyfriend then. i didnt want to tell her because it was the first guy she likes after a horrible break-up. so i said things like "oh he likes you" and stuff like that.

that day.when i was at my boyfriend`s house. i told him that my friend likes him. i asked him if he likes her.at first he said "no. i dont like her." everything was okay.till the next day i asked him again if he liked her cause i saw him flirting with her and there had been rumors going around that they are going out. so i asked him again if he liked her. he said "yes". i asked him if he was going out with her, he said yes. i broke-up with him right at that moment. i know its stupid but i hate guys that cheat on me.two-timing. its not a very nice feeling.

i cried for days. never went out. i keep on asking myself " why did he have to choose my best friend out of all the other girls?!". Feeling betrayed and miserable. i left the city and moved to a new town. After all the "i love yous " and kisses. he actually cheated on me with my best friend!. i never spoke to him again after that day.

everytime i think back to when that happened. i start crying. what does my best friend have that i dont? she may-be smarter, or prettier than me but i gave up everything to be by your side and this is how he thanks me.

that was the biggest and hardest breakup of my life. i have been emotionally abused [ i dunno if that is the right word]. my life have changed since then. i never went out on dates with guys that often and i dont trust anybody like i trusted my ex and my best friend.im not doing well in school, i always get sick bcause i dont eat much. nobody in the world would ever understand how i feel like right now. i might be happy on the outside but on the inside. im dead. hell. this experience is one i`ll never be able to forget.

thanks for reading.i feel abit better writing all this down. sorry if this is boring to you or something. but its just a sad experience.i still cant get over it.i need help. but nobody could help me.


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