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And I took all of his things and burned them. By accident, of course!

I dated the biggest jerk. The sad part being my friends tried to warn me, but I was too "in love" to listen. Instead of a long drawn out scenerio of our relationship, I'll hit the highlights, and you decide if he's a jerk or not.

1) He told me how he wanted to take professional pic's for our families. And that he wanted me to schedule the session. At the last minute he cancels leaving me with a bill over $100.

2) We had planned to go to the movies and he called me 20 mintues before I was going to pick him up (theater is 30 mintues away) that he would rather watch wresting.

3) He e-mailed me and told me a week later that he found basketball and school more important than me.

I took the hit and let. He calls me later and wants to get together. I admitt I was dumb for agreeing to see him.

Okay so we're together and he gives me the highlights of his past ex's and how he thinks one of them gave him HIV.
He was tested and came out clean, but after months of his wishy washiness, I finally left for good. And I took all of his things and burned them. By accident, of course!


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