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I hate him, but I love him at the same time....

hi, my name is Karen... I had a friend, Jon, and I really liked him. we were friends for about a year, and we got really close. we met in the band, we both play the oboe (instrument). we had to play for the school football games, and my friends ditched me, so I asked to sit with him, and he said yes. we became really good friends, we were friends for a year, and I started to like him...then love him, but he never felt the samwe way...but we still stayed friends...then he started to say things like " i was only nice to you so you wouldn't cry, and now i'll become gradually meaner, and eventually... you just won't exist". he said that he hates me now, but he wont later, because i won't exist...we were never boyfriend and girlfriend...I just really liked him, more then a friend, and he knew...... now he doesnt talk to me, and when he does, he is mean...he calls me stupid, and he is so not open...I poured my heart out to him, and he threw it back in my face. I hate him, but I love him at the same time....


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