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iguess we always liked eachother

i dont even know where to start. well iguess we always liked eachother for like the 2 years i knew him and we tried it before but i didnt work. in january of this year we tried it again. it was perfect. he took my virginty.for the first month everything was like a dream come. i thought 4sho he had to be the one cuz nothing ever felt this real to me. he made me believe he was in love with me and i fell in love with him. day and night if we werent together we were on opposite sides of the phone just talking all night.i know where it messed up in a way it was my fault but then again i dont know. i was mad at him cuz he didnt call me one day so by around 8 i just went and kicked it with an x boyfriend. my boy called my friends cell phone i was caught. even tho i cheated on him that night i told him i didnt and that i loved him i felt so bad he was makin me feel like shit but he 4gave me .i thoght everything was gonna be fine but then he started blowin me off sayin he was gonna come over and just would never come or even call till way later. i knew something was going on but i didnt want to admit it. then he got locked up and only called me once while he was in there i always wondered why nbut felt that i loved him so much id wait for him. one day me and best friend went to a friends house. this boy told me how (one of his friends 2) hed been cheating on me with some girl who was now havin sex with his dad cuz he was in jail . i him day and night but told myself it was over and there was nothing i could do about it. well yesterday he called me,i guess he got out. but im not puttin myself through his s*** again so i dogged him and that was that i love him yeah but its over and once a player always a player!


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