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He Ran Off

They say never go back , very true.

When I was nineteen I went out with a top guy for about a year , lots of fun and frolicks but we were too young to be so serious at that time was gutted when we split but went to uni and moved on.

Always had a torch for him first real love and all that .

Six years latter I recevied an e -mail , totally chuffed to hear from him I responded as I was intrigured to find out how life had turned out for him.
the emails carried on for a few weeks , until he left his number and sugggested to meet up sometime.

To cut a very long story short, we met, clicked, he bowled me over, told me I was the one blah blah ask me to move to be with him, eventually gave in cause well I was in love with him.

He changed his mind 2 two weeks before I was due to move, given notice on flat saying 'it was too soon and was worried I was giving up too much' fair enough maybe I was.


He carried on the relationship for two months until I had to finish it due to his lies.

I felt terribe as he was uncontactable for a few weeks and had my stuff in his flat. Rang his flat mate, turned out my old flame was shacked up with somone else and had been for quite sometime.

Gutless coward, ran away switched his phone off leaving me to pick up pieces and wondering once again what the hell went on.


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