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The Desperate Phonecall

This reasonably good looking guy I met asked me out at a party when we were both extremely drunk, and I said yes, being drunk. Five months along the line I went on a trip to learn some new stuff, like abseiling, climbing etc. I met a really gorgeous guy and we both felt the same way about each other, but nothing happened and I left after two weeks. My boyfriend phoned me up about 2 days later, telling me how beautiful a certain woman is, and how he wanted to do stuff to her, not even asking me about my trip. So I told him about the gorge guy I met and he started to get angry. So we had a big row and I put the phone down on him, ending our relationship for good.

Later on, I went out with some friends and some of my ex's friends happened to be there, and I could tell they liked me. Anyway, later that night, I get a call from guess who? Yep, my ex. He gives me this spiel about how his friends told him how good looking I was and how he wanted to see me again. I just put the phone down on him again!!! And what did this creep do afterwards? Went out with three of my girlfriends!! I bet that woman can't wait to have him in her arms!!


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