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hopefully you dont make the same mistake that i did

I have been liking my ex boyfriend for 3 months now. We dated for three months and been broke up for 3 months now. I dont know why i cant forget about him. When i used to go out with we i lied to him all the time. But then now i realize that lying to him wont get any better. I lie to him because i wanted to see if he really cares about me. I told him im going back to california but i wasnt. The was the biggest mistake of my life to lie to him. Every time i told him that im going back to california we alwayz break up. After that i would wait in 1 day not to call him juz it seems like i did really move. After one day i would call him and tell him "i was going to california but my mom cancel it." He would ask me back out again. January 2nd he asked me to come over. i went to his house and he ask me if me and him could do it. I told him we cant do it because we werent even going out. So he had asked me out and after that i said yes and we had sex. 2 days later i notice something that he dont call me like he usually call me. So i decided to call him and asked him if he ever think about taking a break. he told me that his been thinking the same thing. He had asked me if him and I should take a break and i said yes. I didnt want to say yes but i realize that if we were meant together then we will be together. After that we never talked again. I was wondering why he wanted to do that b-cuz he didnt tell me the reason why he wanted to take a break. So i asked him why did we take a break and he said b-cuz he needed some time for himself. We dated for 3 months and i did have fun with him but the fun that we had it juz a memory to me. I didn everything juz to get him back. When he would asked me to come over to my house and chill of course i said yes b-cuz i liked him alot. And after that we ended up doing it. We would only talk to me if he wanted something. And i know im stupid enough to fall for it. I juz dont know what to do anymore. He already moved on and i should be doing the same thing. I been liking him for almost 6 months now. I really wanted to forget about him but i dont know why i cant do it. I see him school everyday. And i juz dont know why i let him do this S*** to me. Im juz tired of thinking about him if he dont even think about me. I juz wanted to forget about him. SOmetimes i decided to go to church juz to pray and asked god why i cant forget about him? i know its my fault dats the reason why he broke up with me. TO those people that read this i juz hope you made a right decision for going out with a guy and hopefully you dont make the same mistake that i did.


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