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Betraying my Trust

My ex and i were together for about seven months before he decided to call it quits. I called him early one morning because he hadnt called me all week, I asked him if he wanted to break up with me and if he did then just do it. He said that i was the nicest girl and he didnt want to hurt me but he had just transfered schools and needed to meet new people.

So a few days later he came up to return my things and told me that he wanted to marry me, but wanted to wait until after he was done with school and that for right now he wanted to get to know me and become best friends so we could have a deeper relationship.

I was devistated but took time to get over him. He keeps calling me and wanting me to come visit him and he comes and visits me, this has been going on for a year now. Sometimes we have sex other time we dont. But I just found out that he has had a girlfriend since he broke up with me and not only has been confusing me but has been cheating on his new girlfriend at the same time, not only with me but with other people too. So needless to say we arent gonna be "best friends" anytime soon


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