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Friday night we got into another argument and she left the next day

I was with my fiance for 5 years. We had our own place, 2 dogs, and were going to get married after her 21st bday. I thought everything was fine. We seemed happy outside of the occasional argument. We talked one day and realized there was a problem and were going to change things. The next week went great. Or so I thought. That friday night we got into another argument and she left the next day. She never came to me and told me what the real problem was. I was willing to make changes but she would not have it. Just a month ago she seemed happy when she saw me. Now she says that she doesn't love me anymore. How can her feelings change so suddenly? She just threw away the last five years like it was nothing. I know we both made some mistakes but nothing that could not be worked on. As far as I know she never cheated and I never even thought about it. It feels like she ripped out my heart and stomped it into the dirt. She doesn't even seem to care. Why did this happen? Why couldn't she just talk to me? What happened to my baby? I want her back but realize I need to let her go. I am just afraid that she will get hurt by someone and I won't be able to help her. I love her so much. I just don't understand.


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