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it broke my heart when we finished and he still has the power to not let it mend...

To be honest, i think my story is more about me being slimy...it started about a year and a half ago when i met this guy ** and we eventually started going out and i grew to love him. i must admit now that i cheated on him as i was so youing (15) and i wasn't used 2 having a boyfriend so i pushed him as far as i wanted until he finished it with me ... it also has to be said that this guy was not all that innocent, i am sure he cheated on me at least one time so i felt my cheating was justified. I never realised how much i loved him, and i mean LOVE, until it was over...but my pride stopped me from begging him to take me back or anything of the sort. so i suffered in silence except all my friends knew as whenever i got drunk, i began to cry at the loss of someone who i obviously loved so much - and still do. i met another guy who took my mind off of ** for about a week - and this new guy was fantastic - he would buy me roses and take me out for a nice meal when it was our one month anniversary but it wasnt enough for me. everything that i felt for ** was building up inside of me and still when i drank, i cried and cried because i love ** so much. i would stil talk to ** on the internet and we would flirt outrageously but nothing would happen about it. he was a bit older than me and when i started to go out to the pubs, i'd see him and we would flirt some more. every time i seen ** it reminded me of how much i missed him - and i would forget about the new guy. this went on for ages and i feltlike i couldnt just ditch the new guy now because it had been a year. it didn't feel like it had, but it had... maybe if it was only a few weeks into the relationship i could use the "i still have feelings for my ex" line, but it had gone on too long and i just didnt have an excuse. Now it has all boiled up - and in my face too - because last weekend me and my 2 friends ended up in the same house as ** and it slipped out that i still liked him. he tld me nothing could happen and he was sorry for leading me on. now i'm so confused because i thought our feelings were the same for each other as he so obviously flirted. but now i feel as if maybe i was just a comfort blanket to him and he was just using me. it broke my heart when we finished and he still has the power to not let it meand...

confused young broken heart xx<3xx


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