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he was different he was using drugs and drinking alot

I met him 6yrs ago. During this time he had gone through a break up with his girlfriend, because she left the country.
I myself was in a awful relashionship that I could not seem to end. Well I met him and we hit it off as friends but their was an obviose attraction between the both of us. Nothing came of it because I had a boyfriend so we lost touch. A year later I finally broke up with my boyfriend and coinsedence has it I ran into my friend again. so we began to hang out again. But he was different he was using drugs and drinking alot so I decided to not talk to him anymore but it was not going to be that easy. He kept calling me and looking for me. I tried to not be mean to him because he confensed to me he was suicidal. I chose my words carefully to try to end the frienship but he would not accept that. He wanted to be my boyfriend and said he would kill himself if I was to refuse. I did not know what to do so I just tried to be his friend talk to him. I assumed he was lonely and just doing it for attention so I gave him the attention I though he needed. Well It turn out I was right he got over his so called suicidal tendencys, seem perfectly fine with me being his friend. His attitude was the same as when I had met him a real cool guy. so continued the friendship and eventually we became a couple. well 5 years went by and we had our ups and downs like every couple. (we lived together for 4yrs)well anyway his ex decides to come back in the picture, and for a whole year tries to convince him to leave me for her. Sure enough he did. but I feel like the stupid one bacuse I let him into my home when he had nowhere to go. I help him with his drug and drinking issues, he never ever showed any interest of getting married to me. when I would bring up the subject he would get upset and storm out. give me story that he did not have to married me to prove his love for me and so on. and now I find out that in less that 6 months he is going to marry his ex and the worst part is they never lived together and they were only dating for 2yrs before she left the country and they broke up.


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