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I have been divorced for 1 year. And the Judge ordered that my ex pay 50.00 weekly for my medical. Well he took me off medical right before I was scheduling my shoulder operation. And a MRI on my hip. I called his company and they said I would have to go back to court b/c the judge ordered P not the employment. The Judge I have ignored all the facts I had on my husband, even on his financial paper work. I have been with my ex for 8 years. His house needed a lot of work which I did and can prove it. I sold my two family ( P sorta made me). But for some reason I could not bring that up in court, Judge Told me not to Mention it. I had a 1964 Chevy Nova 2,for 13 years. P threatened me that he was going to take the clutch out do this and that. So I sold it for 4,100.00 And I put a 3,500.00 Deck on the pool.

I have been treated very bad. My husband lawyer even lied in court. My husband contradicted himself under Oath. ON A LOT OF things. (Judge encored everything) also I felt discriminated by the judge on my word, (wheel barrel) I have speech impairment it runs in my Family.

I had a lawyer and went to see him, 1 Hr later in conference he asked me what was the women's name that at his work that I have a # to the investigation. I told him and drops his paper work and says he can not take the case b/c that was his step daughter. What luck I have.

He gave me the name of another lawyer. So I went to see him gave him 1,000.00, and all my paper work I did in order.(paralegal helped me) HE DID NOTHING. HE DID NOT GET ME AN APPRAISAL< HE DID NOT SHOW THE CD TO LAWYER OR JUDE> I RECEIVED MY FRIDGE IN THE MUD< SNOW. I dont think he even looked in my folder he called and ask for paper work I said it in the folder I made three copies of each. One for the judge one for peter and one for me. I also made a cd of before and after of the work I did and the money I put into his house. ( I sold my apt. house received 30,000.00 Well guess I thought I was in Love I married my first love. ( I went out with him when I was 16 he was 17. ) I left him for cheating on me. 23 yrs later we get back together. ( He pursued to be a GODLY MAN and his first wife left him for having an affair with the babysitter. Sorry just want u to know that my ex saw a hard working woman I had more assets then he did. I am a worker , Creative, and was Taught if u take care of something u will have it for ever.

Sorry back to the medical. I have to take P back to court and I am afraid to go by myself. Afraid to hire a lawyer. I want to sue P I have doc bills b/c I did not know until 4 months later that I was not covered. I have been in BAd pain. I have paper work. ( I am a worker, I make cement patios, mix the cement 50 bags 80pds each. Build decks, porches, ect.) I bought my self a hot tub for working . MY therapy. I have receipt of hot tub and had it for 4 years. For my b-day P bought a newer one for me. HE has IT. ( gave mine away).

I had a caddie when I meet him . he had me go to this garage for work and it came out even worse he sold MY car for 700.00. I have not been sleeping good for 3 1/2 years. This bothers me so much. I was going to court for JUSTIS and what did I get.

My ex had his girlfriend move in 4 months to the day I moved out. She lived down the street. He has been seeing her for over a year. So u know how that makes me feel. Deceived.

Also we already had divorce papers made up P signed everything then changed his mind. and Judge did not do anything.

( It is well known through the court that the judge I have does not like women, I have heard from others . So think u can help me.

I thank you very much for taking the time to read this novel lol :


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