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Bye Bye Boyfriend & Friend

It all started out as a crush: innocent. At midnight, as soon as valentines day hit, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Excitedly I acccepted & we became an item...but not for long. He told me we HAD to keep our relationship on the D.L. At that moment I knew something was up.

6-days after boyfriend/girlfriend, he stopped speaking to me. So I asked my best friend (also his cousin) what was up and she said "he wanted me to tell you we are through". I was beyond mad because he didn't have the courage to tell me. So all together we just stopped speaking.

Then a week later, I found out that he was dating one of my good friends! At the time, no-one knew that I knew. An unlike good friends should, no-one planned to tell me. He had used me to get close to her. I thought to myself "am I just to much personality to handle?". At that point I said to myself "NO!!! He just used you to get to the thing on the other side of the dog house".

After a few weeks, I shut my door away from those friends.

Months later, they realized I hadn't spoken to them & asked why. I told them I knew everything & they played the "ohhh I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you" card. But I didn't buy it. A HUGE argument broke out & I hung up my phone, never speaking to them again. I had lost friends that day. All because of ab ex, a friend, lies, secrets & betrayal...


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