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He cheated on me

We dated for almost 1 1/2 years. He told me he loved me
after we had been dating for two weeks...which I was pretty
surprised to hear. He would say stuff like "never leave me"
and "I'm going to marry you someday". Well he was the first
person I really actually loved and was the first guy I slept
with(both of which happened later in the relationship). Well
none of his female friends liked me, for the sole reason I
was dating him. I ended up hearing from my sister who found
out that he was seeing his ex...she had said this. When I
asked him he said she must be confused blah blah and they are not
seeing each other. Well later my sis heard that he was
holding hands with his ex AND that he was seeing a girl who
he worked with(bosses wifes sis). Again I confronted him
and he said he never held hands w/ her and wasn't seeing the
other girl. He had pretty much stopped calling me as much by
this point(I was going to school in a diff city)...and
said that he had only been talking to the
one girl alot...and never talked about me. Well he is
dating her now...and I know that he DID cheat on me.


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