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i wish i had never dated him

since sixth grade i had had a rivalry with a really cute kid in our grade. he was always pestering me, poking me and running away, and saying things about me just to get me mad and i never understod why.

the begining of ninth grade he asked me out over text because we had become really good friends. we saw eachother almost every day and he walked me to every class. but after six months i noticed him looking at other girls more frequently. he assured me he was just freinds with this girl and would never leave me for her.

he started to ignore me though. he stopped saying he loved me and stopped walking me to classes. now i have some issues and i self injure alot. he made me promise not to hurt myself then dumped me. i, thinking he must like me a little if he told me not to hurt myself, agreed and said we should be friends.

later i found out he already had a new girlfriend the next day and heartbroken i slit my wrists. not enough to kill me but enough to numb the pain he caused. another of the friends i was close to asked me out a few weeks later and said yes. he is currently my boyfriend. but everytime i see my ex i still feel really hurt and i can only remember all the times he promised we would be married and have kids. i know its wrong but i still like him even though i genuinly love my boyfriend. i just wish me and my ex could be friends. i wish i had never dated him and ruined our freindship.


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