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My Ex Cheats and Lies

I met my baby daddy, rite away we hooked up eventually got together that same month..we were doing good for awhile then comes to find out he was still talking to his ex gf..then over heard a conversation over the phone i guess he though he hung the phone up when we were done talking..i over heard him saying tell her i don't want to talk to her no more cause imma have a baby with of course me i also heard some more of the convos but then i hung up and yes i was furious!

as soon as he came home i confronted him of course he denied the whole thang..anyways we just argued about it and from there i could'nt trust him anymore..

then our baby boy came into this world , that whole year was good..

then the next year came then once again the cheating and the lieing started back but this time i didn't find out about this braud till the beggining of the following year. i got this call from some chick saying that he was cheating on me with her bestfriend that he was doing her wrong and i asked how old was this female and at that time she was 19 yrs old..omann was i pissed!! i asked her how she get my number and she said from him im like what..she's like yeah he said go ahead and tell her she won't beive you..

well anyways i hung up with her..he comes home from work and tells me whats wrong cuz im sitting on the couch with this mean look on my face..yeah of course we argued again cuz this time it's about another chick he was seeing behind my back and yeah of course he denied the whole thing saying it was these girls co workers from work that they got a hold of my number and that they wanted to get him in trouble and yes of course i did change my number anywho he's just been cheating on me for the past 3yrs till i found out the whole truth..

i talked to this girl and she told me everything..cuz he didn't have the balls to tell me like a man lol!! so sad but true..

now were going threw child custody and rite now i have the upper hand he has to see his son through CCP with supervise visitation..but now im doing good im not hurt or stressing over this guy and everything is getting better lil by lil im seeing someone else but taking it slow..as a matter of fact im not even upset anymore

we all go throw drama and mistakes but we let it happen so now im learning through my bad choices..and now im starting to let my ex see his son again without supervise even though im breaking the rules cuz i have a restraing order on him and he's also taking batterer programs for domestic violence..

imma tell you something i did tell that girl that he's talking to that he aint faithful that he will do it again and you know what i was right

this past saturday he tried making a pass at me saying he still loved me that im his baby mama that he will always love me..wow i can't beleive him..but yeah of course i still have feelings for him and i do still love him but it will never be the same like before.. now i know what kind of a person he is a cheater a liar and he's my baby daddy..but 1 thing i will never keep him away from his son..he loves his son unconditionally..i just wish it could've worked out differently between us..

its only been 4mos apart and i don't wanna fall into his trap again..his whole family knew he had another girl on the side..i was played for a fool!! big time and that hurts..well im just gonna try to keep it in the past..and keep my head up hi..ive had my rainy days now it's time for me to shine=)


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