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Ahhh, the high school sweetheart. Almost all of us have had one. Some people marry their sweetheart, and for the rest of us, something goes terribly wrong.

I began dating my former high school sweetheart in 11th grade. It seemed as if we were a match made in heaven. She had just gotten out of a rough relationship, and I was her sensitive man she was looking for. I was there for her through all of her problems. And believe me, there were MANY!!!

$hit started to hit the fan five months into the relationship when she so kindly informed me that I was the recipient of her catalog of STDs. Ok, I knew this girl was a ho when I first got into the relationship, but common! She could have told me how many guys she had slept with a little earlier. Most people would've thought that would be the end. But, like I said, I was in love. I kept telling myself that it didn't matter what she gave me, I loved her and I would marry her. She was the only person I would ever "be with" so I wouldn't have to worry about passing anything on. The whole disease thing seemed to make our relationship grow stronger. By the time we started our first year of college, things seemed just as good as ever.

Our sex life was always very crazy because we did just about everything. One time, she asked me what my fantasy was and I told her it was a three-some. (her, me, and some random girl)
She had also told me her fantasy. (her,me,one of my friends)
To this day, I wish this had just remained a conversation. A few months after we had discussed this, we went to a homecoming party and got trashed. After the party, we went to my friends house and my girlfriends fantasy came true. At the time, it seemed ok. We did things safe. (as safe as three drunk people could be) I still think we would be together today if this would have been the only time. A few weeks later, same story, alcohol=threesome. Then I told her I didn't think it was a good idea anymore. I loved her too much and I didn't want things to get anymore complicated. I could handle what had already happened. Then, just one month after our very romantic two-year anniversary, we went out drinking again. I remember getting up to go to the bathroom and when I got back, my girlfriend was on top of my friend. I think she was kissing him, but it was kinda dark. Either way, it doesn't matter what I saw that night, because the next morning when I woke up, she was screwing my EX-friend. I got up and left immediately. I was sooo upset. How could she do this again??? I know she was not 100% guilty. My friend was partially to blame and so am I. I should have never let her fantasy become a reality, because it turned into a nightmare.

Sadly, it does not end there. I still wanted to be with her. I just wanted her to feel bad, really bad. I think she did, but our relationship was nothing but fights after that. Within one month, she was already sneaking around on me. She began hanging out with a male "friend" from work. I wasn't too worried till he started taking her out to eat and to movies. (Did I mention he was paying!) This whole time, my girlfriend continued to tell me they were just friends and I was jealous. Then one night, I found the two of them in a parking lot at 1:30 in the morning. I flipped out and dumped her ass. I felt great for about 2 days, then I found out she was already getting on this guy. I guess 2 1/2 years of unconditional love meant nothing, because she sure moved on. Right around this time, I started doing mass amounts of drugs. (Weed, Opium, Shrooms) I think I just couldn't handle it anymore and I sort of lost touch with reality. So here I am today, single for the first time in 4 years. The last 6 months were rough, but I think I'll be OK.

Lesson learned: "Don't become too attached to your first love, they won't be the last"


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