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If your scared/nervous on your first kiss, read this!
Okay, so I tryed this with my boyfriend once and it wasn,t as scary as I thought So, all you have to do is if your bf/gf is round your house or your at there house, go somewhere alone and just talk about your favroite names or something. And then when its your turn to talk just pause and say ' have you had your first kiss yet? ' it dosnt matter if they say yes or no. Then say ' oh, would you kiss me?' If they say no they dont love you. If they say yes laugh and slowly lean in. Then see if he/she kisses you. If not, pull away and invite them over next week or something. Then try again and YOU have to kiss them. Then smile and lean in for another one. Okay so ummm, Im sorry its long but its worth it. And everyone says trust me but I actully mean it TRUST ME it works. And its an easy way too. Good Luck and HAPPY KISSING :)

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