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Lies, Lies, Lies READ THIS!!!
If your girlfriend says she is somewhere she is not, you find out about it (Because you saw her car in her driveway) then that is a sign. I have been dating this girl for about 5 months now and this has happened 3 times. She says it,s all in my mind when I ask her about it, and gets mad sometimes when I bring it up. I also recently found out that she had lied about her past. She said she would never be a stripper...she was. She said she had only a few sexual relationships before me...she has had 40. She does work alot and I know she TRULY is a busy woman, but there is no reason to lie about such stupid, non-important things. She gets hit on at least 5 times a day she says and tells me not to worry about it. I do though. I admit, I have been a bit jealous and insecure about my past and have shared this with her, but she is giving signs that I have seen before. I don,t have proof yet...all I have are a few lies that she has told me. I hope the truth comes out soon. Hopefully the truth is that she is not cheating. We,ll see. Don,t be afraid to get your answers and evidence.

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