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Kissing Movie Marathon
When you are at the cinema, my bf really turned me on by doing this, he put his hands on my thighs and started rubbing them near my pelvis, i started to lean in onto his shoulder and he let my head drop and he caught with his other hand it while still rubbing my thigh, he played with my hair an as my tummy was stretched out and showing a bit, he used his fingers and started stroking my sides and started to kiss me on my neck and gave me a love bite underneith my ear and below my jawline, we were making out for the rest of the movie, we were 20 mins in and the film was 4 hours long, when we got out i knew of a private spot round the back of the cinema, with a wall, he pushed me against the wall and really heavily frenched me and was thrusting his groin into mine like every 5 seconds, and started putting his hand up my skirt and rubbing and squeezing my bum everytime he thrust his groin into mine, i got hold of his belt and started to undo it and then i started to undo his top, buttoned of course and then i put my left hand on his front belt loop and my right on his back, this went on for 1 1/2 hours, until my vest top sleeves started coming down, and he was rubbing my shoulders and worked his way down to my bra hooks (still thrusting his groin and frenching me) undid my bra and we carried on like this for another hour, my bf really knows how to turn on a girl, do this to your girl if shes comfortable with it and see where the magic happens...

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