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Girls and Guys in a relationship
Girls: My boyfriend loves it when I talk in kind of a high pitched voice. When we cuddle I put my head on his shoulders and grab his arm. If you haven,t cuddled before start out with just gently pressing your leg to his. The next time you hang out you could casually put your head on his shoulder for a second. Like if you sigh and say 'I,m tired..' Then playfully put your head on his shoulder for a second. They love it :) Always smell good girls. Spray a little perfume or wear good smelling lotion on the back of your neck so when they hug you, you smell good. Boys: I love when my boyfriend calls me sweetie or his baby. Anything that is his. It makes me feel like I,m his. If you like something she does, tell her! So she keeps doing it. Smell good. Always. Girls love it. Also tell her when she smells good. If she cuddles with you tell her that her smell is on your shirt. They love it!

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