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Before a kiss, look at your crush, and really stare and survey her face and she,ll feel as though you,re judging her, but then slowly move in and press quite hard against her. She,ll then feel as though you,ve judged her, and you like what you see. It,ll boost her confidence. Pull her in really close and make sure at some point, you hold her waist. If you feel comfortabe, run your hands up her shirt and caress her back.. It,ll make the moment sensual and she,l get sligtly horny over it. -The kiss- Dont just dart your tongue right in there. Its pretty gross. If you start of with just your lips touching and gradually getting more passionate and fierce, and then progressing to a french kiss, it shows you,ve kind of thought about the kiss and what she likes. She,ll love it. It shows you,re caring and fiesty at the same time. It,ll also turn her on. Tip: Don,t act immature! Its an unbeievably big turn off. Its ike we,re dating a toddler if you do that. Girls feel like they need to look after you, and it definately shouldn,t be ike that. We,ll feel like your mom.

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