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no lips!
If your boy is being mean and you want pay back this is what you do. If he tries to kiss you allow him to get close enough that he can, then pull away slightly. He,ll look up and try to read your expression. Give him a teasing smile and lean in, he,ll think everything is ok and allow you to kiss him, but don,t. Slightly have your mouth open and barely touch his lips, when he tries to finish the kiss, pull away. When he gets that your teasing him, he,ll continue to try to kiss u. For me and my boyfriend this usually ends with him pressing me up against a wall or down on the floor so that i cant move away. If it comes to where your cornered like this you can still move ur head to the side, but giving in is more fun. He thinks that he won and you get the satisfaction of knowing you won. Plus after so much time teasing him he is so riled up that he is drowning you in kisses.

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