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If he cheats and says he's sorry believe him if you think it is right
He cheated, with is ex who he said he couldn,t stand and what not, told me the day after ( so he says) and cried like a baby when telling me what he had done. I love him so much and I know him so well for years I,ve known him so when he said he was truly sorry I knew he really was, just look into there eyes and you,ll see if they really mean it when they say they,re sorry, I,m still with him and things are good,, just trust your heart but don,t be a fool if you do and something feels funny to you in the relationship start asking question, if he seems odd don,t discard just get out and he how he react when you leave if real sadness comes you have nothing to worry about anymore, if he,s cool with it then you did the right thing and be happy and live your life!!!!! Hope this helps, good luck you guys

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