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I love one girls she also love me truly. every ppl said made for each others.. after one and half year she went to college there she having some diversion with some one guy. the days are left. she start to avoiding me. I know the reason why she avoiding me?.. But i can,t ask her directly. because i love her truly.May be If i ask to her mean she feel to bad and cry, Whatever it,s i thought she is my girl she never let me go. after 3 month she never call me even one msg also. i can,t be here so i called the guy (here she,s new boyfriend) then i told every thing. But she said now she love me i,m also please be quit.. And now i gonna done her marriage... i,m so happy because she got good life... she never thing about my life so i,m also... So please trust your self and take negative thought also... If you want girls first know what is they need what they depend..... Till now also i don,t know why she leave me what she need... so i can give anything.... now i give my life to her marriage gift......

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