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Under 18 / Minor Dating an Adult
If a person is under the age of 18, they are a minor, a child. They are not an adult. If an adult now touches them at ALL in a sexual manner including kissing, they are sexually harassing that minor. It doesn't matter if the minor wants the contact. The assumption is that the adult should 'know better' and not have seduced the minor into that situation. While you can say 'but we're just dating', the point is that you are doing something other than being friends. If you were friends, you probably wouldn't kiss or hug. If you are DATING, you probably intend to kiss and hug. And as soon as you cross that line, the older person can be tossed in jail. It is much safer just to be 'best friends' until you are both over 18. Unless you are very close in age - i.e. 17 and 18, there could always be parents or grumpy friends who will turn you in and destroy your lives. Love is worth waiting for. If your partner won't wait until you are an adult to enter into the serious intimacy that dating brings, you need to ask yourself if he/she really cares about YOU or has other interests in mind.

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