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Pure Love..., suddenly all the happiness in the world disappeared
Hey there, I met a girl on Facebook, she was a friend of a girl I knew. I started talking to her, but we didn,t meet. she lived quite a few miles/kilometres from me. we talked for like 3 months, in the first 2 months we talked, 7 days per week and at least 1.5 hours a day, I told her everything about me, and she told everything of her life. I opened my heart for her love... every time I imagined her, I didnt imagine us kissin, or doing something else, no. I just saw myself and her sitting on a couch, she was laying in my arms and we were watching a movie. I just wanted to feel her warmth, I loved her I fell in love with her the way I i had never fallen in love in my life, and I think I,ll never love someone as much as i loved her... one day we talked on msn about a problem that had occured, and then the words came: I know we can never be more than friends. She kept saying that she didnt know how it happend, but she didnt feel anything anymore for me, well I know and im about to share it with you: Never open your heart 100% for a girl wich u dont know well, or with whom u dont have a serious relation, girls want the boys to be mysterious and ,cool,. if u show them the REAL u, the,ll also see your parts wich are (my english is not good srry for that) vourneable (sentimental). now 15 days have passed, I havent lived the last 15 days, i,ve kept listening love songs, or songs about breakups en stuff i just spoke her again on msn, asked her why she is still awake, the only reason for me to do that was that, if she responded, i had to cross her mind. like a saying says: I think of you all the time, but I dont ask the same. dont stop believing in Love, because without love, we are as good as animals. God is Love, Mr. Dark Temptation

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