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Internet relationships can work!
I,d always had trouble with guys and i was shy and never really found someone special. When i was 15 i met an amazing guy on a networking site and we became friends and soon after casually dating, with time it blossomed into something more serious and we talked more and more about seeing each other and important things you discuss with a serious partner. I,m in Australia and he is in South America, he is poor but he managed to get his passport and some money for half of the ticket to come and visit me. I am now 18 so we have been together without even seeing each other for about 2 and a half years now. Of course we have had fights and even broken up but we could never let each other go. He even tattooed my name on his leg. I do have faith we will be together forever, he is the man I want to marry and have kids with, i love him so much. I know my friends support me and my family too, it is just hard sometimes because i am young and my mum wants to protect me and she isn,t 100% sure of him. My advice from experience is to be strong and stick with what you believe in and your morals and be real. Keep the communication STRONG and trust each other. I know he really loves me because it,s the feeling you get, and we have seen each other on the webcam so i know he,s not some pervert. However, I would never ever have another internet boyfriend, it is the hardest thing to do. If you can, search for someone in your area, unless love takes over with someone else. And if you have the slightest feeling that something is not right.. or see something strange.. DONT IGNORE IT!

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