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Me & Him
Okay This is sort of like a tip but im tell you long distance relations can work! i am 14 years old and i knew this boy for 3 years i had vacation where he lives everysummer and now weve been date for 2 months and were going really good al we need is the phone, MSN, and some money to visit once or twice a month. Look if you dont know the person personaly then it has a 80% chance at not working out but if you know the person personaly you have a chance to beat the distance and not have anything to worry about he lives a 6 hour dive away from me its difficult because hes not always there for me but i know that he loves me and that we will make it through this so heres the tips... -Long distance relationships CAN work! -Don't have the relationship if you DO NOT know the person personaly. -Visit them every chance you get. -Talk to them all of the time. -Don't cheat on him/her. -Trust him/her. -Love him/her.

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