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got you believing
there is this guy.we became really close friends.we got introuble together held back together and ddid the craziest things together.he ntruduced me to his girlfriend and i spoke to her.the last few days of school he told me he really liked me and he asked if i felt the same but i i never answered him.when he told me he liked me i told him 'but you have a girlfriend and he said they broke up.any way we talked over summer hung out and he made me start falling for him.then i wrote to his girlfriend and i found out that they never did breakup.and i asked him about it and the first thing he said was 'bullsh*t'.when school started again i was hoping we could talk and hang out but when isaw him he was with her.when they were walking my way i called a few friends and walked away.3 days i didnt call him then he finaly came to me and told me to call him.he told me he really cared about me that he loves me but he still stayed with one point i believed they did really break up because they never hung out he was always with me but friends kept seeing them during passing time together.and one of my friends saw them making out and i told him about it and he denied it,and just last week and the week before that he always told me he needed to get something and i see him go upstairs and there she is.he always lied to me... my advice is.....if a guy says he loves you and that he really wants to be with you but he still keeps going back to his ex and people see them together and he denies it just let him go because it obviouse he doesnt really care.

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