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What to do/ What not to do/ how to kiss
WHAT TO DO: 1) Always talk to them & Share secrets 2) Lend her your jacket when she's cold 3) When shes crying, comfort her and wipe away her tears 4) sneak up behind her to give her a hug 5) Whisper 'I love you' or 'You smell nice' in her ear 6) Ask her friends about her favourite music/ chocolate/ flower then get it for her. 7) If you have a phone with a camera take photos of you and her together so you can set it as the wallpaper 8) When you're alone kiss her unexpectedly 9) While sitting next to her or watching movies, put your arm around her and look into her eyes, smile and put your attention back on the movie. 10) When shes upset stroke her hair and tell her its going to be alright. 11) Send her little notes in class, about what you want to do at lunch or if its at the start of the day write about how nice she looks or if you like her hair that way. 12) If your out somewhere together and you catch another guy checking her out let her know then wrap your arm around her. 13) Tease her playfully, give her arm wrestles and chase her. ---------------------------- WHAT NOT TO DO: 1) Never call her hott or Sexy it makes a girl feel like cheap dirt 2) Never ignore her 3) Never make rude jokes at her expense 4) Answer her questions and never just grunt 5) Never date a girl to just get into her pants, thats what hookers are for. 6) Never squeeze her butt or her breasts. 7) When you kiss DON'T EVER shove your tongue down her mouth. 8) Don't ever talk dirty about her, even if you know she'll never find out. 9) Never Ever flirt with another girl even if your good friends with her or she starts flirting with you first. When you flirt with other girls you're pushing your girlfriend away and breaking her heart. 10) Don't ever talk about other girls to your girlfriend or dis any of her friends. --------------------------- HOW TO KISS HER REALLY WELL: 1) First wrap her in a hug or put your arm around her shoulders 2) Make sure shes looking at you (preferably in the eyes) then tilt your head slightly- left or right whatever feels right. 3) If she mimics your head tilt you can lean in slightly and lick your lips unless she has already 4) Then close your eyes & kiss her, Press your lips together softly- you don't want to hurt her. 5) If you want to go on from there you have to know if she wants to, slightly part your lips and if hers are already parted or if she does the same thing then its a good sign. 6) brush your tongue softly against her lips and if she doesn't react badly then slowly push your tongue into her mouth you only want to put the tip in and no more or you will make her gag. 7) Once your tongue is in swivel it around slowly and softly then take it out but keep your mouth parted still 8) Now she can either put her tongue in her mouth or if shes too shy you can stop kissing. ----------------------------- *And remember never sell yourself cheap and never dump your girl for another one.

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