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Soothing Fragrances
Aromatherapy has been proven scientifically to have strong effects on people. Think about it. If you sat in a room all day that smelled like garbage and moldy cardboard, it would begin to affect your level of happiness. If instead you spent your day somewhere that you loved - the fresh ocean, a beautiful garden - you would be much happier. So aromatherapy helps you be more soothed and happy by giving your nose pleasant smells to enjoy. The key is what YOU enjoy. Some people love oranges. Others grew up having to pick them all summer long and now hate them. Don't just pick up a candle that 'others' say will soothe you. Instead, sit for a moment and think about what escape makes you happy. Is it the dream of sitting by the ocean with the waves lapping in? Is it the thought of walking through a deep forest? Is it the thought of sitting on a bench in a warm garden, with the flowers in full bloom? Write down 2 or three situations that really make YOU feel happy. Here are some of my suggestions, but experiment and see what really appeals to *you*!



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