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Rekindle that flame.
I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of over a year. Actually, she broke up with me, which is why I am so hell-bent on getting her back. I was talking to my friend, who also happens to be her best friend, and she gave me some really awesome words of advice. I'll give you a little scenario: She and I always (and when I say always, I mean just about everyday for over a year) did things together. And being in a small town, most of these things became very sacred to me and I am remind of them everyday. One thing we always did was walk from my house all the way through town and out on a trail that went alongside the town. We did this at least every weekend. We also loved going to the beach which we did a lot over the summer. Ok, take what I just told you, fill it in with whatever applies to what you guys did all the time, and do this: Every once in a while, ask her to hang out. While hanging out, suggest doing one of those little things again. Don't overdo it, just every once in a while. This will remind her of everything that you guys had, and it will make her very nostalgic of the relationship. As for me, my girlfriend broke up with me a month after she went to college. She had a reason, although I hated what had happened, her reason made me feel very good about our relationship and what we still have. It is because we decided that we were the best thing that happened to eachother that we are able to do these things like the little rekindling and all. Don't let her know, otherwise it just may blow up. Just take her out every once in a while and just remind her. Take the advice of others here and NEVER show hostility or remotely any bad feelings. Always try your best to be the happiest with her and make her happy, because that, my friend, is what she'll realize in the end that she had lost.

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