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love is such an emotional word. it means so much. i had my first serious relationship with this guy and things were amazing. my life was complete. then one day he broke up with me, and sadly i had no clue it was all ending. we were off and on for a while but one time we went off, and he found someone else. him and his new girlfriend have been together for like 1/2 a year, but i cant stand seeing them together. i see them at school cuddling and i cant look...i have to freaking turn my head. me and his gf are friends, but it still makes me hurt to see them together. i have a lotta classes with him this year and it sucks because i was sure i was going to get over him. it didnt really work. so i have decided that these feelings arent going to go away. some tips to try are: -quit opening the memory box of emails, text messages, and notes he wrote you when you were together since it just makes you feel worse -lie to yourself. i know that sounds bad but say you dont care. it will make things easier i promise -dont cry when he says he doesnt care, because it just makes you die inside, and that feeling will never go away if you cry over him -stop dwelling on the past. i know it was amazing, and hes your one and only but if you live in the past you will just make yourself depressed -dont take his crap. if he tells you he misses you. dont be weak and say OH BABY I STILL LOVE YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL because that will make him think of you as a game. and he will play with your mind, and end up hurting you again. -fight the temptation. you know his # by heart. you are seriously concidering calling, texting, or emailing him. well DONT! be strong! if he wants you back he will fight for you, and if he doesnt...its his loss. -dont change your image to impress him. a lot of these articles say to make yourself look your best when around him, but if you do that, you fail to realize that he wins again. you spent all that time trying to look as hott as possible, but he doesnt care. you shouldnt have to MAKE him want you.he should do that on his own if he really loves you. LADIES THIS IS IMPORTANT SO LISTEN UP. GOD MADE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US FOR A REASON. HE HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYONES LIFE, AND JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SINGLE DOESNT MEAN GOD FORGOT TO PLAN YOUR LIFE. JUST BE PATIENT AND TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES. LIFE IS TOO DANG SHORT TO WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK IN FRONT OF YOUR EX. YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO WONDER, BECAUSE THAT ONE TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU NO MATTER WHAT. LOVE ALWAYS PREVAILS.

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